What makes Xabier Mendiola's work so absorbing is that he wanders through reality with a sensitive gaze, capable of reading those messages that the everyday world, the street, shop windows, light, landscape... never cease sending us.
A drop of water on the glass, a reflection of people in a shop window, the exact greens of nature, the sea's violence or a delicate light, all pass before Mendiola's personal viewpoint, acquiring the category of "photography" on the way, that medium so able to move us, make us feel melancholy, stand off critically or fascinate us.
This happens when Xabier sheds the stiff suits he wears to work — of architectural photography, feature reporting and specialisation in gastronomy — and slips into a lighter, walking suit, of a weave through wich reality and its messages can appear, at his own, relaxed pace.